Beauty through Toxicity

Upcycled Beauty

Midway Island is an uninhabited island about 2000km from any other coastline.  It lies roughly equidistant between North America and Asia, and almost halfway around the world from England.  The birds there are dying and killing their kin with bits of plastic that glitter in the ocean sun.  None of the plastic disintegrates and eventually fills their tiny stomachs eventually choking on their own toxicity.

This atrocious act of consumerism at its worst is a sad state of what our world has become.  As we toss out our collections of “recyclables”, we feel better about ourselves.  Little do we realize that every single piece of plastic ever made is still on this planet!

So began my plastic life.

For now, I layer thousands of caps to create animals that, ironically, consume the very plastic which brings them alive on the canvas.

I never thought of myself as an environmental artist, however, it just makes sense to bring beauty through the toxicity, all the while, teaching ourselves what damage we are doing the world around us.